An open letter to BPAS chief Ann Furedi: Disability is not “tragic”, UK inquiry is welcome

This week a Parliamentary Inquiry into abortion on the grounds of disability was launched in the UK. This is a major opportunity for social justice for our community. We applaud Fiona Bruce MP, the Inquiry Chair, for this most welcome and important initiative to stop discrimination ag
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Birth numbers for Down syndrome point to widespread discrimination and eugenics

Earlier this month I came across a blog indicating that the UK’s Department of Health is grossly under-reporting the true number of pregnancy terminations for Down’s syndrome. This raises a red flag because the accurate monitoring of birth and termination numbers is important fo
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2012: An awesome year for Saving Downs

It has been an awesome year for our social justice advocacy at Saving Downs, so this blog is all about celebration and praise for the great work. In reflecting on what we have achieved, I am reminded of the reality that all great social justice causes take a long time to evolve, and s
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Further evidence to be provided to the International Criminal Court on antenatal screening complaint

      PRESS RELEASE: 1 November 2012 Further evidence to be provided to the International Criminal Court on antenatal screening complaint Saving Downs is following up with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), filing a request for full reasoning to guide additional
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Mothers being encouraged to have late term abortions for Down syndrome and Spina Bifida

Saving Downs and Spina Bifida New Zealand have mounting evidence that parents are being put under undue pressure to terminate wanted pregnancies when receiving a positive diagnosis of conditions such as Down syndrome and Spina Bifida. Our group positions are that children should not b
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Down syndrome eugenics – We must draw the line here, now.

The Telegraph reported this week that an alliance is launching a new push to restrict the UK 1967 Abortion Act, to prevent doctors terminating pregnancies on the grounds of physical abnormality. SavingDowns applauds this initiative. We advocate for the repeal of “foetal abnormality” a
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Down syndrome screening – seeing eugenics through the fog

  Last month Saving Downs held the “Loving Every Child: Defying Eugenics” seminar. Dr Deirdre Little gave an outstanding presentation on ‘Current practice and how it links with eugenics’.  She gave a very detailed, scientific breakdown of what is really going on with routine ante
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New prenatal test is bringing eugenics back to Germany

amnio nz
Today we have a guest Post by Angela Farrell. Angela is a member of Saving Downs and proud mum of 4. Jonah, her 3rd child has the gift of an extra 21st chromosome, and they have the gift of his life to share. Jonah Farrell So here we have it, the nation everyone thinks about when the
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Down syndrome: The New Zealand eugenics programme

There has been some interesting blogs going around objecting to Saving Downs using the term “eugenics” in relation to antenatal screening for Down syndrome. So, what’s really going here and how did we arrive at a government-funded eugenics programme in New Zealand in 2010? Firstly, I
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