Saving Down syndrome’s support group for new and expectant parents

SDs New Parent's Support Group

Following a baby’s Down syndrome diagnosis, it is clear what parents need and what they don’t. Parents do need accurate information and support. Parents do not need outdated misconceptions, pity, scare tactics, or completely incorrect information. All too often, the latter is all that new parents receive.

In connection with the mission of Saving Down syndrome, we as an organization now provide support for expectant and new parents in a safe, private group on facebook. The group is comprised of parents and grandparents of people with Down syndrome who are available to answer questions, share knowledge, provide resources, and be a sounding board for new members.

The benefit of Saving Down syndrome’s sponsorship is that group members are from around the globe. If a new parent is awake feeding baby in the middle of the night and has a question, there will be group members present and available.

The group description on facebook is as follows: This group is for expectant and new parents who received a diagnosis that their baby has Down syndrome. We are aligned with the Saving Down syndrome Facebook page. There are many people in this group that have been there, have a child with Down syndrome, or have an interest that can be of great service. We are here to offer support, educate on Down syndrome, guide new parents through the process of being pregnant and having a baby with Down syndrome. Feel free to invite parents to the group and keep it respectful. Welcome to the Down syndrome community & Team 21!

We welcome and encourage you to invite friends who might be interested in joining the group. Any person who wants to take part just needs to click this link:, then ask to join the group. We look forward to widening our newest Saving Down syndrome community.

About the Author
Katie Bee is a mother of four spirited children. Her third child is blessed with Down syndrome, and he shines light on their lives every day. Library Assistant by night and SAHM by day, she writes about life’s blessings and struggles in her blog, for Elysium. You can also find her on facebook at for Elysium: a Down syndrome blog.
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  1. Monica Reply

    Hi, Katie.
    I work with parents first call here in Brazil. Sarah Cullen, from MDSC was my trainer 2 years ago.
    I would be very happy if I could be part of this group to support new parents and help them in the beggining of their Journey.
    I could help the group by talking to people who speak portuguese.
    Please, you may count no me.

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